April 22nd, 2016


A happy and sweet Pesach to those who celebrate. May the seder not last too long, the food be good, the afikomen not be hidden in the borshch, and may the desserts be absolutely fantastic! I'm looking forward for the kosher for Passover flourless chocolate ganache torte I'm bringing to the seder tonight. The host and hostess are Sephardic in ancestry, so the food won't be the same as what I grew up with, but I don't mind - it's always been delicious! Plus, the hostess makes a kosher for Passover version of lasagne using matzah instead of lasagne sheets. She calls it "megimah" or "meginah."

For the first time in at least ten years, I'm going to a second seder, except this time I'm going to the synagogue where I go for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippuer services. It's reasonable and it should be fun.