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I am not happy

I presently have cable service with Comcast because here in Atlanta, if you don't have cable, you get one, maybe two channels. I have had the basic cable service now for about 10 years, and have seen the price jump from $8.95 a month to $23.00 a month right now. Well, while watching the Food Network this afternoon, I saw a scroll at the bottom of the screen saying that I would no longer have the upper channels as part of my basic service as of September 15 unless I converted my basic service to digital. Well, I called the phone number on the scroll and found out that my service would increase to $55.75 a month. Then, after waiting over 35 minutes to talk to someone in "video tech support," I hung up and called again. What Comcast is now saying is that I can get a plan that will increase my present price by 50% for 1 year, then have the price jump to $55.75 a month afterwards, or I can get a plan that will increase my present price by 50% for 2 years, then have the price jump to $39.95 a month afterwards. Basically, I'm losing every channel above channel 27 (which was the TV Guide channel until that was taken away). The customer service rep on the second call was empathetic, but said my choice was either to take ABC/CBS/NBC/FOX/PBS (only one of the 2 channels) plus QVC, HSN, and several channels belonging to cults who want me to become an apostate to my faith and become a follower of their brand of Christianity, or to pay more and keep channels like Weather, TLC, TNT, Food, SyFy (which needs to do a more realistic name change, like back to the Sci-Fi Channel), etc. As of right now, I'm ready to lose the channels.

The other bad thing is that I was told that for this reduced service, I would still be paying the same $23.00 a month. I asked, "Why should I pay for reduced service?!" This was similar to what I did with AT&T when they told me I was losing my access to newsgroups (like rec.music.filk) in exchange for "wonderful increased service" (all of which I already had through Yahoo). AT&T had a problem with me saying that I NEEDED access to my newsgroups because that is how I'm keeping up with a lot of people around the world. When AT&T told me that they had checked with their customers and found out this is what they wanted, I asked AT&T, "When did you check with ME?" When AT&T couldn't answer, the powers that be reduced my monthly internet access rate from $42.95 to $18.95 (for a period of six months, but that will get extended when I call back in 5 months and go through this whole rigamarole again).
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