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I'm beginning to not like Comcast!

For the last few weeks, at times during shows on the upper channels, I've been getting a scroll at the bottom of the screen which says I need a digital converter box before September 15 in order to keep getting my signal. Well, after 2 telephone calls to Comcast, one where I was told that I was going to be losing all channels about 27 (which include Food, TNT, and others where I get to see some shows I like) and that if I wanted to keep them, I'd have to get a more expensive plan for either 1 year for $29.95 a month, then $55.75 a month afterwards, or a more expensive plan for 2 years for $29.95 a month, then $39.95 a month afterwards. On the second call, I was told "No, that isn't so." However, I will still need a converter box for each of the 2 TVs in the apartment. Oh, and we're going to give you more channels, to which I said that I just wanted the ones they've been giving me for the past lustrum as part of my basic cable package.

Well, arrangements were made to get the the converter boxes, and they were supposed to arrive today, but to my surprise, only ONE box came. So after dinner, I sat down and started by calling Comcast and ask where's my other converter? There were supposed to be two converters. And then I said I might as well try to install the one you did send. First, it's impossible to read the back of the converter box because the back is silver and the "writing" on the back indicating which connection is which is in, you guessed it, SILVER. Then, I put the cables in the wrong spot, thinking that the antenna out to box in would be where it was on the VCR or the TV but NO, it's the other connection, and it took ten minutes to figure that out.

Well, after putting the correct cable in the correct jack, the TV showed a wonderful shade of black on channel 3 instead of seeing what I guess I should have seen. I tried connecting the cable box directly to the VCR (which leads into the TV) and then directly into the TV (which would cause me to have to go purchase more cables to connect the VCR to the converter box, and if you consider that the DVD plays through the VCR into the TV........). No luck. You see, after nearly 50 minutes on the phone with a technician, it was determined that I was sent a bogus, busted converter box! Now I have to try to arrange for a technician to come and get the bogus busted box while I wait for another shipment of converter boxes.
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