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Comcast, Part 2

Well, after the first debacle, I got home today to find the two decoder boxes I was supposed to get. After almost 3 hours on and off with tech support, it was determined that I didn't even need the danged things because I had not requested an upgrade out of basic basic cable. What happened is that evidently for the last lustrum plus, I was getting channels I wasn't supposed to get, which basically was everything about 27. It seems that Comcast had somehow incorrectly programmed me to get those extra channels, from which I learned the joys of Kaga Takeshi, Chen Kenichi, Michiba Rokusaburo, Nakamura Konmei, Morimoto Masaharu, Kobayashi Katsuyo and the like, the Science Fiction Channel (who had used me to advertise it back when it first got started, even though I did not have cable access when it started), Top Chef, the reruns of the Law & Order franchisees I enjoy, The Closer, The 4400, the list goes on and on. Hey, it's not my fault. I thought Comcast was being (dare I say it?) nice.

Well, what it turns out will happen is that as of September 15, 2009, I will be going back to limited basic, which is what I thought I had the last lustrum plus, which means, in New York terms, I'll be getting 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 and 28 (which is what I had back in NY up until our move in 1972). I will only get one public broadcasting channel (which will have to give me my Antiques Roadshow fix). I guess I'll start watching all those DVDs I got (can you say "The Prisoner" and "M. Appeal"?), plus the 40+ seasons of Dr. Who I was given on an external hard drive for my computer.

The funny thing is, Comcast tried to do the right thing after the debacle of a few nights ago with the bogus busted cable box, only for me to find out tonight that I don't need a cable decoder box because I'm not supposed to have the extra channels I've been getting the past lustrum plus. Well, someone is going to pick up three not-so-secret decoder boxes from me sometime in the next week, and as of September 15, I'll be paying for what I should've been getting all along. What does that mean? Well, when The Closer returns, I'll watch it on TNT's website. I won't find out what happens with shows like Iron Chef America or Top Chef. If there are any new oh wow shows on the upper channels, I won't know about them. I'll be getting broadcast TV and that's it. Either that or I'll ask my sister to record my stuff on her TV and load it from a DVR to a VHS (I think they still use VHS).

After all of this, with something like 5 hours on the phone with Comcast, I'm still not happy with Comcast. However, here in Atlanta, if you want TV reception, you have to have cable or dish, and right now, cable is still cheaper for me than any of the dishes.
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