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Comcast, Part 3

True to its word, Comcast completed the conversion of all the channels above 28 to digital today. However, I found a problem with their conversion. See, for the past 4 months, at irregular intervals, you'd see a "crawl" in red at the top of the screen which warned that this channel (or that channel) would be going digital and would no longer be part of the limited basic package I was getting (which, as I'd explained before, went from $8.95 a month to the now $20.95 + tax I'm paying). However, two of the channels did not have the crawl going on them - The Weather Channel and TBS (aka Channel 17 for those who get it on its normal channel). Well, imagine my surprise when I found that all the channels were gone, including Weather and TBS. When I called Comcast to complain about this, I was told that they were indeed converted to digital, at which point I asked, "Then why wasn't the display put on these channels?" No answer.

Now get this: in order to get back the second PBS channel here in town (Public Broadcasting System, a free channel, supposedly), I'd have to get a "free" converter box and for the one channel pay an additional $4.00 a month (for a FREE channel!). Now, if I wanted to maintain the channels I've been getting since something like 2002, I'd have to jump to about $30.00/month now, and to $73.00/month in six months. Thank you, but NO! What this means for me is that I will not find out if either of the Voltaggio brothers or the Atlanta chef win Top Chef tomorrow (unless I can convince my sister to record it on her TiVo for me), no more of The Closer on TV (thank goodness it's available online), etc., I won't go through the whole litany.

I told the customer service representative and his supervisor, both of whom were pleasant, that I was not happy with the fact that I finally lost all the channels (and why couldn't they digitize some of the channels I find offensive, like the ones that say that in order to go to heaven I must become an apostate to my faith and follow someone's cult, or how about HSN and QVC, both of which I still get?), but that I was unhappy with the violation of the Truth in Advertising Act (in that The Weather Channel and TBS, which never indicated their upcoming conversion to digital, were converted). I also told the supervisor to contact Corporate Customer Service, as this would be put up online.

What this means is that I'll finally start watching all 40+ seasons of Dr. Who which was put on the 500gb external hard drive I bought from someone who'd fallen on hard financial times, plus if I wanted to, I could watch all 10 seasons of Stargate: SG-1.

update: it turns out that the season finale of Top Chef will be in two parts, and my sister will tape them both on her DVR. I'll see them the last day of Hanukkah.
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