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Comcast, part 4

Somehow I'd been reminded of the fact that I had not heard back from corporate with regards to the channels which didn't have the "we're being converted to digital" crawl back through September, so I decided to try sending a note to the person in Philadelphia and local "customer service" to find out why I'd not heard anything about the two missing channels. This morning, while making breakfast, I got a call from a Ms. Callahan (sorry if the spelling is incorrect, I'm using the spelling made famous by a bar in song and story). I explained the whole rigamarole again, and she promised me I'd hear something by the end of business Tuesday.

This evening, while listening to A Prairie Home Companion, Ms. Callahan called back and told me that I was never supposed to have had the channels above 28, including Weather and TBS, which were the two I'd complained about. She offered me the $29.95 for six months deal to get expanded basic cable, after which time the rate would jump to $57.75. Thank you no, I said, but at least I got an answer where corporate couldn't give me one after nearly six months.

Oh well, I guess there'll be a lot of stuff I'll be missing. I'm almost at the point now where I might be better off disconnecting the cable service, but I'd lose a few things like NBC and CBS. I guess I could switch and see some of the stuff I'd be missing on the computer......

And I do have all those DVDs I've not watched yet...........

Thank you for having the professionalism to get back to me as quickly as you did, Ms. Callahan.
Tags: comcast, customer service, customer service (or lack thereof)

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