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GaFilk 2016, day 1

The new technology (chip reader for new credit cards) hates me! After spending half the night trying to get the danged thing to work, I gave up. Friday morning, I spent 20 minutes on the phone with Square and with the tech's help was able to get it to connect to the cell phone. Hold that thought . . .

After getting extra cash for the cash box, I headed to the hotel and started setting up. However, I realized I'm now probably going to have the replace the sport cute's battery (which had been looked at on January 2 - now it's being problematic). The wonderful person who's always helped us in the past, Mr. Harold, was there after he ate lunch and was able to help get things ready for the day. All the dealers inside the dealer's room were just about done in time for the opening of the dealer's room. For me, that's when the problems started because the new card reader refused to work with my cell phone (I knew it wouldn't work with the tablet, which I think I'm now going to have to replace). After two attempts, I finally got Square tech support on the phone, only to find out that the world phone is unable to update to a later version of Android to accept the card reader (it needs 4.4.4, I can only update to 4.4.2 - Oldsmobile anyone?). It means that either I have to buy a new phone or a new tablet. It's beginning to look like I'd be better off getting a new wi-fi tablet. What was worse was that the call, when finally received (on the third attempt), came during the handfasting ceremony held at GaFilk. I apologized to the bride and groom and wished them nothing buy joy and happiness until 120 years.

My one donation (so far) this year to Interfilk was a book entitled something like The Complete Idiot's Guide to Songwriting which, when I saw it at the Sandy Springs Library bookshop in December yelled out to me to buy it for Interfilk. We'll see how it goes. I ended up bidding on the two truffle packages, as I did last year. Also, filkferengi asked me if I'd like another flavored diffuser candle on the proviso that I make a donation to Interfilk, which I will do.

The evening concert was done by Rand and Erin Bellavia, he of Ookla the Mok. It was a nice concert. I left about half an hour after the concert after saying good night to people so that I could get home, put the insulin in the refrigerator, and to try to process the one charge I tried doing on the tablet, which is now not working at all. I'll have to explain to the customer later today that the tablet died and I need to re-do the charge (only $40-some). Well, it looks like I'm going to have to get a new tablet instead of a new phone, which would be cheaper for me.

The Interfilk guest, Glen Raphael, brought his first CD for me to sell for him. In addition, half of the former group "Copy Red Leader" brought down one of the group's CDs and two of her own. They're in limited quantity in the store. Our GoH, Michael Longcor, said he'd prefer selling his CDs at the con, which is fine. I'm left with the impression that he'd like to leave without taking any CDs home. I'm more than happy to do that. He also said that an album which was only available on cassette, "What's a Hoosier?," is going to be reissued on CD with two additional tracks. It's now a matter of waiting and seeing when this happens.

One surprise was seeing seanan_mcguire at the convention. I had not realized that she was coming. It's nice seeing her again.

More after Saturday morning and afternoon.
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