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GaFilk 2016, day 2, part 1

A positive: the speed of the internet is fantastic! It's 25 times faster than what I get at home, and is averaging 37.5mb.

A negative: after getting home, I tried what wasleep at around 1 AM. At 3:30 AM, I realized I wasn't getting to sleep and guessed it had to be hypoglycemia. It was: my blood sugar reading was 38, which is way way way too low. After swallowing a sleeve of glucose tablets and the equivalent of a medium-sized baked potato, I was finally able to get to sleep and got about 2 hours. I got back to the hotel close to 9:30 AM and was able to eat something so that I could get my blood sugar to a level where I'd be comfortable. Thank goodness for the con suite ghoddess. She had foods I could eat which would help me get back to some semblance of normal.

I've been catching snippets of the concerts today but have been working hard to make costs (I did) and try to do better. It's a difficult job. Part of the problem this year is that our toastmistress does ASL for the concerts, and by being in the dealers' room, I can't see the shtick going on. In the past, I've actually seen a house concert where someone was acting as an interpreter for the artist and it was a mixture of serious and silly, which was wonderful. The concerts appeared to have gone over very well. I mean, Michael Longcor is going to give you something to remember! Glen Raphael was received very well. So was Judi Miller. I'm curious as to who did interpreting for her concert.

The 2x10's are happening right now. I'm hearing them, but there's more than just a bit of ambient noise to make it difficult to hear. After the dealer's room closes at 5, I'll be getting ready for BARBECUE KITCHEN!. There'll be another entry afterward.
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