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GaFilk 2016, day 2, part 2

While people were heading to the banquet, a group of us went to Barbecue Kitchen. This establishment has become as traditional for Saturday dinner for some of us just as the Waffle House right next door has become a place for breakfast (although I didn't know that Barbecue Kitchen also serves breakfast). Nine days or so ago, I'd contacted Barbecue Kitchen and spoke to manager. It seems that on a recent Monday evening visit, I learned they serve a wonderful strawberry cobbler. I asked the manager if there was any way they could serve this wonderful cobbler this weekend and was told they would try but it was a definite possibility. It was on the menu, and it was absolutely delicious! When I was getting ready to leave, I asked which person was the manager and when she identified herself, I said, "I have two words for you - thank you." I explained that I'd known about the strawberry cobbler, at which point she said she'd talked to someone about it, and I told her that someone was me. Smiles and good flavoring all around.

Elizabeth Moon sang one song at the Super Secret Guest concert and then did a reading of a story whose title I did not get. She then answered questions from the audience. I've known for a long time she's a really nice person, and she proved that this evening. The session was very well received.

The Interfilk auction was its usual crazy self, although it seems as if there weren't that many items that went for voice bid. I only bid on two items that went to voice bid. One I won (36 of Jennifer Cooke's truffles); the other I was outbid because the other people were willing to go crazily higher than me (36 of Jennifer Cooke's sugar-free truffles). Well, it happens, but I do have truffles.

The Interfilk quilt raffle was done. While I didn't win (again!), this time the number was a whole heck of a lot closer, as in if I'd put in another $5 towards the raffle (I put in 20), I would have won the quilt. *sigh* I do not begrudge the winner, whose name I don't know as I didn't see who it was, hope springs eternal that I will eventually win one. Maybe in 2017.

Sunday is last day. The dealer's room closes at 4. I'm hoping to be completely unpacked by 5:30 and hopefully in bed before 7. I just hope I don't have another hypoglycemic attack, but I have glucose tablets near my bed just in case.
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