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The Social Event of the Season 2015

To put it mildly, it was wonderful. We had about 16 people show, including two (to me) new people as well. The food was good. The funky ice cream was funky. The interaction between people was wonderful. The music was great. I ended up bringing two guitars (the Larrivee and the Seagull 12). They both got used. A good time was had by all.

The social event of the season!

We have a date. December 5, starting at 6:00 PM at the home of Signe and David Wegener. Our hosts will have a main course and everyone is asked to bring a side dish, a dessert, a beverage, whatever (but let's not have like we did a few years back with 22 desserts, OK?). If you need address, directions, RSVP information, drop me a note.

Truly an intercontinental filk

The third-quarter GaFiA meeting took place tonight. As with the second quarter housefilk, a laptop was used to bring someone in from out of town. Last time, it was catsittingstill in Tennessee. This time it was thatcrazycajun calling in from Mbabane, Swaziland, where his beloved wife is a high-level person for the CDC. Granted, the bandwidth was better on this end than on that end, but there were not that many problems as you would think would have occurred due to the bandwidth. Yes, there was a slight delay from over 6000 miles away, but it still made for a lot of fun and some good singing across the ethernet. Many thanks to our hostesses for hosting for the second time. Many thanks to those who showed up. The only downside was that by evening's end, my left eye was swollen, due to felis catus. I'm just glad I was able to last as long as I did.

The social event of the season will take place on December 14 at the usual location. Details will go out about a month in advance.

The social event of the season

has passed. It was wonderful, as always, We had over 2 dozen people, and a LOT of wonderful foods to enjoy and share. Our beloved hosts, asg_qa_s7 and La Profesora, made a different type of turducken this year, and it was delicious! (but then, I'm biased). I brought fried rice and pesto. The fried rice went fairly well; the pesto, not so much.

There was a great mixture of song and talk, especially if you consider that a lot of us don't see each other more than 2-3 times a year. Add in the fact that catsittingstill came down from Tennessee and we had an Alway all the way down from Michigan, it made for quite a lot of gab in addition to the singing, since we've never seen him before. thatcrazycajun came with his songbird (who had recently returned from Addis Ababa). We also had one of our youngest GaFiA members, Dell's grandson and Katie's son, Brendan. autographedcat and kitanzi came, and autographedcat was very nattily dressed. We had people come in from South Carolina (the Kirbys), and a whole lot more (some of whom I'm not sure of LJ ID's, if any).

We have had an offer to host the first quarter of 2012 on March 10. The host/hostess will be named in private e-mail, but I will tell you it'll be close to the northern end of the Perimeter. Directions will be sent privately once the announcement goes out. Meantime, it's time to get ready for GaFilk.
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The filk event of the year here in Georgia

was last Saturday night, December 4, at the Wegeners' NEW HOME! They moved inside the Perimeter, which meant that for all of us the trip to the site was less than half the distance it had been (down to Hampton). Signe and David outdid themselves with the traditional turducken and buffalo burgers (though I did miss the Norwegian meatballs). There were also quite a few different desserts, including brownies with bacon in them, the babkas I brought (though they still need to put more chocolate in it, but I can't get to Brown's Bakery in North Hollywood, CA), a red velvet log, and oh so yummy!

We had several people come from the coast (BLT?) and from South Carolina (the Kirbys). We had a good-sized crowd. I also found out that the Bohnhoffs had put up the music book for their latest album, "Grated Hits," online, so I'm going to have to download it and have it available. I'm also realizing that perhaps it's time to take the music books into the office and start scanning everything in (all too many pages of then - probably somewhere between 5 and 6000 pages at the very least).

As for me, who hasn't done much singing since Starship Excelsior's musical episode, and before that at GaFilk since something like 2006, I actually got to sing a few things, though in addition what I would usually do, I pulled out the laptop (which I brought for the first time to a house filk) and did karaoke of Tom Dice's "Me and My Guitar" (Belgium - Eurovision 2010) and Chiara Siracusa's "What if We" (Malta - Eurovision 2009), both of which should have won their respective years. I got a favorable reaction for "Me and My Guitar," what with singers there. Chiara got a positive response (I showed her picture - she's got a lot of kindred spirits here in the GaFiA community, I think).

I didn't get home until well after 1AM, so I must've had a good time before going in and working Sunday from 9:15 AM to 12:30 AM MONDAY MORNING.

I have one volunteer so far for 2011 and need more, so I'll be putting out the word through the electronic notification list and the book of the face.

The filk event of the year!

The notice has gone out for the December 4 GaFiA meeting here in town. This is the one with the full-blown sit-down dinner with turducken and Norwegian meatballs. If you want the new address and directions, you need to contact me via my e-mail address. I will then forward your information to our esteemed host and hostess to send you the details.

And remember, don't bring just your music - bring something to share as part of the meal.

2nd quarter GaFiA meeting post

The second quarter GaFiA meeting was held last Saturday at Rob and Larissa's place in Alpharetta. There were 8.5 people there (Dell Stinnett's grandson, Brandon, made the half). We had some good song and good conversation and good cheese. Rob also had his computer hooked up to his super-sized TV, which made for seeing lyrics at a size that was easy. Jennifer Cooke came up from Atlanta (she's here for the summer), but she didn't bring truffles. However, she did bring news of a video on Youtube of a "flash mob" she participated in at college where the Cookie Monster chased people dressed as cookies. This idea of a "flash mob" was totally foreign to me, so the concept was explained to me. All I will say is, "STRANGE."

I've already put out the word about the fact that we need a location for the third quarter, and there is one volunteer (I forget the name right now) who has already stepped up to the plate, bat in hand. Thank goodness.
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Filk and me

Filking in Atlanta has been extremely quiet the past few years. The biggest problem has been trying to find people to host housefilks. People who had been hosting have moved, are moving, aren't offering to host, it's gotten difficult to get people to commit. Life going on makes it more difficult. For instance, we haven't had a "Heart of the Filk" in Cordele since 2007. People have offered to host, but some of them are not what a lot of people would call "geographically desirable." Now, I used to drive 150 miles from Sylmar to San Diego for housefilks, and I've driven from Atlanta to Mobile, Montgomery, and Huntsville, Alabama for "local" housefilks. People haven't been as willing to do so in quite a while. I'm not 100% sure why (the economy, the cost of gas, etc.). I've always indicated a willingness to carpool in exchange for part of the cost of gas. I mean, my sport cute will get anywhere from 23 to 30 miles to the gallon (depending on the highway driving, and yes, it may be rated at 27 for the highway, I did indeed once get 30). It'll hold myself and 4 passengers and luggage and music and stuff (but not the store).

Tell me what you think. How can we get people to start hosting again? I'm open to suggestions.

Now as far as filk and me, this is the more personal thing. For instance, at GaFilk, my voice has been silent (save Auld Lang Syne) since T.J. Burnside-Clapp asked me to accompany her and Linda Melnick at Linda's concert a few years back. Because of the way my body is working, no matter what time I go to bed, I get up now at 6AM, maybe 7AM if I'm lucky. But as a result, I've not sung at all at night in years. I'm also a huckster, which means I stay in the dealer's room all day in the hopes I can make sales. It also means I have to be up earlier than most so that the other hucksters can get into the room in order to get set up for the day. I don't mind doing it, but the opportunity cost for it is not being able to listen to the late-night filking or not being able to even sing at night at all. I miss the good stuff, but it's the price I pay for being huckster head. As I said, I'm not complaining, I merely am stating fact.

I wonder if people even miss my voice. Other than "it's me me me me me me," as I'm sure I'll hear, tell me what you think.