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GaFilk 2015 day 3 - part 2

I finally got about 90 minutes of sleep starting at about 5:15 AM. I still haven't figured out why I couldn't sleep at all. All I know is I was cranky and tired and probably had my inhibition level down to a level you don't want to see. See, I keep everything bottled up and let people walk all over me. Not this morning.

I guess people started to realize it's last day and I finally met my costs mid-morning. The one thing that surprised me was the our GoH's CDs were not selling. She then came and told me that it's probably because most everyone had copies already. That's fine. Still, just to play it safe, I added some of the CDs I didn't have in stock to the store. It's just a matter of finding the time to go through the store listing and seeing what I have in stock and updating the order form. For instance, it does appear that I'm out of some artists and since I'd been carrying some of their stuff for quite the long time, I will not be reordering.

As far as the Interfilk auction, I ended up with the 3-bottle sampler of Tullamore Dew, the white chocolate truffles from Jenna Cooke (they're in the freezer now), and a a Yankee Candle Reed Defuser, which I'll learn how to use. I happen to like Yankee Candle Company, and still have a Hanukkah scented one I picked up quite a while ago. I also purchased a few things from Starcat Designs - a coffee-related t-shirt for my brother-in-law and a mortar and pestle for me (to use when I have herbs growing in the spring). I also dropped a whole bunch of money on Larry Smith Booksellers, picking up the next volumes in several book series I'm reading, along with the Shakespeare Star Wars. I'm looking forward to checking that out!

The gentleman who roomed with me was very helpful this afternoon in getting the sport cute loaded. In turn, I drove him to see a friend of his based in Atlanta who is terminal with cancer. From there, he's heading up the coast slowly and will return to Dumfernline Dumfermline, Scotland. I hope his friend is cheered up by his visit and that things go well for him on the rest of his trip over here. That said, I arrived home at 5PM and had the sport cute unloaded by 6. I tried one of the white chocolate truffles and am heading to bed after doing a few quick things. I figure by 7:45 I will hopefully be ensconced in bed and making up for the sleep I missed.

GaFilk 2015 day 3 - part 1

Yes, it's 4:37 local time and I'm awake. I couldn't fall asleep. I've got no goodly idea why.

My roommate for the convention came in about 12:30 AM and told me he was going to Awful Waffle with someone he met at Loncon 2014. I have no problem with that. I'll break the fast out of the con suite. Saves me money.

I know I always worry if I'm going to make costs on a yearly basis. It's always a crap shoot. I keep hoping. I sort of figured that people would be buying the CDs of the guest of honor yesterday, but now it seems like it's going to happen today (I HOPE!!!).

One thing I've been sort of realizing, and it's getting more obvious to me, is that it seems there are now two tiers on the concom, the "top" tier being the con chair, con chair emeritus, the tresasurer, the publicity person, the songbook person (who does a wonderful job, by the way), her husband (who, by the way, still owes me a recipe for his cocktail sauce), the website guru (who also does a great job), and the "bottom" tier, the people who do registration and me. Granted, the con chair and the treasurer are now based out of Seattle, and the con chair emeritus and the publicity person are based out of Indiana, but it seems to me that they sort of left the registration people and me in the lurch. We're sort of the poor shlubs who are looked at as mushrooms. I mean, does autographedcat even realize that neither the registration people nor I have made the closing ceremonies (save for me for about 5 minutes last year in person))?

I had mentioned in a journal entry last year that when the treasurer asked me if I was enjoying myself and I told her, "No, I'm not enjoying myself, and I've not done so for years." I'm beginning to think that it went in one ear and out the other. No mention of it was ever made afterward. Wonder why?

Still, I'll be here next year. I mean, it's not much of a life I have, and it does give me one day off from work. I'll probably have the store here as well. We'll see what happens, but at least for today, I'll hopefully make costs and sell a lot more CDs so that I can keep this crazy thing called Southern Fried Filk going.

GaFilk 2015 day 2 - part 2

I'm in the con suite after the Interfilk auction. The total from all items has not been finalized, but it's going to go over $3,000.00. The biggest surprise was that our Super Secret Guest, Robin W. Bailey, brought in the most money with a copy of his concert and the copy of the book from which he read one of his stories. That went for more than the Guest of Honor's concert. Our Guest of Honor was surprised that her concert went for as much as it did.

Congratulations to singing_phoenix for winning the Interfilk quilt. While I would have liked to have won it, I do not begrudge her. I'm just waiting to hear what happens when the package it'll be shipped in arrives where she's based right now and the reaction of her coworkers. My contribution to it this year was a simple Jewish star by itself on a plain background.

Sales are still down. I'm hoping for better things tomorrow.

GaFilk 2015 day 2 - part 1

For the first time in a very long time, I did NOT have to go home this morning because I forgot something. However, I did wake up at 6. Sales have been slow today, even though I have several of the guests who have now asked me to sell their stuff for them, including our GoH, S.J. "Sooj" Tucker. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Rather than doing the usual BBQ I've done in the past few years, I ended up having a hankering for REAL Chinese food, as opposed to the American-based stuff you get at most restaurants in Atlanta. I went as a party of 4 to Chinatown Atlanta, where we went to the food court and we went nuts, even though for some of us it took more than just quite a while to get our food. It was a madhouse! We returned to the hotel at 7:30 and were sharing most of the food amongst one another, except for my mapou tofu, which was basically too spicy for most. I happen to love the mapou tofu (which is how they spell it). It was either that or dry beef chow fun. Maybe I should have bought the dry beef chow fun?

I'm in the main function room now waiting for Robin Bailey's concert (super secret guest). The Interfilk auction will be afterwards. More later.