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GaFilk 2011, Sunday

I'm back at home. After heading to bed at 1'something, I got up at 5:30, walked about 20 minutes on the treadmill in the gym, and grazed a bit through the day at the con suite. Spent a good part of the day in the dealer's room. Was finally able to check out of the hotel after four attempts (the lines were too long).

I had to look for someone in the main function room at around 2 but was unable to find her. I'll try calling her tomorrow, as her cell phone did not answer when I called today. What surprised me was that autographedcat was thanking me as I was heading back to the dealer's room and people actually clapped. I don't know if it was due to politeness or if they really thought I deserved a round of applause. I don't go to the closing ceremonies anymore, so I don't know what goes on.

In addition, the announcement was made that I would accept credit cards for memberships for 2012 (this is the first year we're trying it). Seven people tried it, and bought 5 banquet tickets as well. Now I'm waiting for the money to be deposited into my account. It appears that I did better than last year by about 20-25%. Most of it I attribute to Seanan McGuire's (cadhla) new CD, which premiered for sale at GaFilk (as opposed to pre-sale). Of the original 30, 24 were sold. She also brought her other CDs, which I ended up holding on to and adding to the store. I'll see how things go.

I left a little after 4 and had the car cleared out and reset to be a 5-passenger vehicle by about 5:05 PM. Forty minutes later, the charges for Interfilk, GaFilk 2012 and Southern Fried Filk were processed with no problem. Now I just have to wait for the money to arrive before sending out funds to Interfilk and the concom.

The downside of this weekend is that I was unable to get more than 4.5 hours of continual sleep a night. Saturday morning I was awakened by my roommate's cell phone going off at 4:45 AM. This morning, I woke up at 5:30.

One other point I'd like to bring up: it turns out that the Crowne Plaza Atlanta Airport is used as a staging hotel for our troops heading to Afghanistan and/or Iraq. We had several show up in a couple of spots during the last 1.5 days (starting after the banquet (or, in my case, the run to Barbecue Kitchen)). I made it a habit to say to as many as I could, "Thank you for your service." It seems that while not everyone agrees with what the military is being tasked to do, at least in the filking community, we're making sure we support our troops, and I, for one, will continue to do so.

Well, it's back to work tomorrow, and I'm thinking that there'll be a bunch of stuff for me to do as far as trial preparation. We have two trials in the next 60 days, and I'm not looking forward to it.

GaFilk 2011, Saturday

My roommate, Bobby Gimel Pierce, is someone I'd been in semi-contact with as another gay Jew. We finally met at GaFilk last night and are sharing a room at the Crowne Plaza Atlanta Airport Hotel. Unfortunately, he left his cell phone on this morning and at 4:40 AM, he got a text message which woke me up. After finally getting up at 7 (just lying on the bed until 7AM), I went down and did 30 minutes on the treadmill. Bobby and I went to the Awful Ho for breakfast. I've not been to one in about 10 years, but it was a welcome change.

I missed all the concerts today as I was sitting in the dealer's room trying to convince people to throw obscene amounts of money at me for round pieces of silicon. Since Seanan McGuire (our Guest of Honor) had released her fourth CD this week (and GaFilk is the first filk con to have the CDs available), I'm hoping to sell out of the 30 she brought for me to sell, along with the copies of her first 3 CDs that she put out (one is just about out of stock, with me having the last 3 or 4 of them for sale). With having one day left, I hope to sell out completely (G-D willing) so I can make back the cost of the CDs.

For dinner, I did not go to the banquet, again. The cost has gone to $35 and MAC Carson (who is extremely visually impaired) wanted to go to Barbecue Kitchen, a Zagat-rated restaurant down the street. Don't ask me how a little hole in the wall got Zagat rated in the 30's, but it has been and it's pretty danged good.

Tonight is the Interfilk auction. I am bidding on two items. We will see what happens.

One surprise: as I've explained before I've not sung at the convention since 2005. Paul Goode has asked me to sing "The Old Dun Cow." Since I've not sung here since 2005, I don't have song books, I don't have left-handed guitar, I've got nothing but the laptop. I've found the lyrics for it, so I will use the computer again. However, with no left-handed guitar, I won't be able to play guitar. I'll have to see - maybe I'll sing a capella.

It'll be another early night and then after waking up tomorrow, the treadmill first thing. More later after the Interfilk auction.

GaFilk day 2, part 2

I didn't go to the banquet, as I'd overeaten at breakfast and Tanith was supplying me with the wonderful prime rib of venison without the au jus. I ended up doing a lot of sitting and stuff, got down to the Guest of Honor concert while the banquet was ending (and this was only the second concert I went to, or I usually go to). Alexander James Adams is a fantastic performer. Since he recently had surgery on his hands, he did some karaoke of some of his songs, which was perfectly fine (including the infamous "March of Cambreadth").

Interfilk auction: There was a lot of stuff that went for exhorbitant amounts, but hey, it's for charity. I hadn't planned on getting anything, but found two of the glasses from the Star Trek canon-rewrite that looked cool, and it looks like I'll get them for $2 apiece. Some of Tanith's food went up for auction, and I'll get some fantastic venison and other things for $70, and the sequel to Rosemary and Rue by filking's Seanan McGuire - I'll get an autographed galley proof for $55. The first book is pretty good - I'm not into mystery novels, though, but hey, it's charity.

I went into one of the rooms and found that people were having trouble remembering the tune for Meg Davis's "Captain Jack and the Mermaid." Well, being that I thought it was one of the fantastic songs that came out, I know the tune, so I started to "belt" out the first three verses and into the bridge so that they could hear how it sounded (making sure that if needed, they'd know the chording). Seems that people thought that if you started singing it in the key of D that the bridge is in the key of B minor. It's not. If you start singing it in the key of D, the bridge is done in the key of D minor. It's not a switch to the relative minor.

I finally ended up going to the room, checking e-mail and the Sunday comics and climbing into bed at about 2AM, and woke up (whether I wanted to or not) at 5:43 AM.

Other than as part of the chorus on "Cambreadth," I still have not sung at a GaFilk as a soloist since 2003. That hasn't changed. The voice isn't there anymore since it doesn't get used. It's close to the point of the voice being silenced.