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*sigh* another piece of my "tech" dies

Back in 2000-something (2005?), I had won an iPod Shuffle (512mb) through taking the train to work because the Downtown Atlanta TMA had a monthly contest where I would enter the fact that I was commuting to work via MARTA train. I'd been using it for walking and had a grand total of 14 songs on it. Well, Monday night, as I started to go walking, it finally died, but I tried to keep it alive. After trying to restore and restart it, it wouldn't work, so I ended up going to the dreaded Apple store at Lenox Mall, where I found out it was indeed dead. What was surprising to the person at the Genius Bar was that I was still using something so old. When I explained to him that all I used it for was for when I exercised, the look of incredulity he gave me, well, he couldn't understand why I wouldn't have upgraded to the latest and greatest years ago.

It turns out that to purchase another iPod Shuffle (512mb) would cost more than buying a 4th generation iPod Shuffle (2gb) ($59 vs. $49), so I ended up buying a new iPod Shuffle. I was offered a 10% discount if I would give the Apple Store my old one for recycling, to which I said OK. I was out of the door with a new iPod Shuffle (2gb) in blue for $47 and change. Now all I need do is take it to work tomorrow and load it up with the songs from my "exercise" list, most of which are Celtic in nature - a mixture of Capercaillie, Smithfield Fair, Altan, stuff I like to walk to.
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It's done!

I have FINALLY finished ripping CDs into the iPod! Did 11 more, which brings the total done in the last 11 days to 80 CDs and around 74 albums. The iPod now has used about 42gb of its total space for music and podcasts. Thank goodness it's done! Now all I have to do is type up a list of what's in the "surprise" boxes!

Still more CDs ripped

I did 9 albums with a total of 11 CDs last night. Tonight, I didn't do any. Based on what's on my stack, I have 14 more albums with 15 CDs, but I might add some stuff from my own collection (another 3-4 albums with 6-8 CDs total). All Celtic, all the time.

More CDs ripped

I just spent almost another two hours ripping 16 more CDs into the iPod, then did a recount on how many are remaining. I've ripped a total of 45 CDs so far, and have 29 to go. These are all Celtic CDs which will be put into a "surprise" box to be seen where I sell music.

If you'd like to know what's in there, just drop me a note.

A question for those who are more knowledgeable in this than me

OK, I need an opinion from those here who are in the know. The iPod Classic 160gb costs about $250. However, I can get one through Delta Skymiles for 28,200 frequent flyer miles. Now, I've got 160,000+ miles, and I'm NOT going to Australia for Worldcon. Is 28,2000 miles a good price for a 160gb iPod Classic? Thanks.