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Ringgold Highland Games 2012

Rather than going to the morass called Dragon*Con, I spent the last two days out in the fresh air trying to spread the word of good Celtic music. The good side is that I made cost and then some. The bad news was the capriciousness of the weather. In a 2-hour period on Saturday afternoon, it POURED three times for periods of 10-15 minutes each. My clan certificate was ruined by the rain (I usually take it when I do a highland games to show that I'm a Jacobubite. It helps at times.

The main performers were Highland Reign, which is now based partially in Indiana and partially in North Carolina, and the Balleybeg Band. As the music vendor, I also end up supplying music between the musical performer sets (for about 10 minutes a shot).

Rather than there being a ceilidh this year, there was an acoustic jam session at a place called Acoustic Cafe. Members of the two bands jammed together, with a bunch of us listening to this. I stayed for about 2 hours before heading back to try to get some sleep.

What was surprising was that I had approximately the same amount of sales on Sunday as I did on Saturday. I don't know why, but I'm not complaining.

As far as 2013, what I've been told is that there is the chance that the festival will shrink to one day only (which would be a great cost saver for me - no need for a hotel room). Whatever happens, as long as it doesn't conflict with anything happening down here, I'll be there.

Why me again?!

The weather gods must be having a field day with me. For the THIRD time this year, at a festival where I was vendoring, the heavens opened. However, unlike here, where the weather circle kept the rain on the other side of I-20 until nearly the end, and then I had to replace all the banker boxes I'd been using (some since 2000), or the one here, where there was a hurricane watch and I had to pack up in 20 minutes and had the tarp or tent fly upside down while I was hurrying to get my car and then had to replace all the new banker boxes, the festival this weekend not only caused me to kill my laptop (any cybernetic necromancers out there, please e-mail me privately for the symptoms and your suggestions) but the heavens opened up AGAIN. I had started packing up because the weather was sort of beginning to turn bad, and unfortunately, I'd not properly closed and sealed one of the "really useful boxes." Then the heavens opened and I was drenched within 30 seconds by buckets of rain. The tarp/tent/whatever got picked up by the wind, scraped along the side of my car, flew over the car and landed upside down next to it. With help, I was able to get everything packed, the tarp/tent righted and collapsed, and everything into the car so I could hightail it out of there. I have to wait until Tuesday to call my insurance company to get it fixed. That's OK. But I'm wondering if the weather gods are doing a "let's see what mischief we can do to our good friend Tevye" kind of thing or, I don't know.

That said, this was a good weekend. There may be future orders coming out of it. I just don't get why I'm having all these problems with the weather!!!