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I just realized I'd not updated in over a month and a half.

My week off for Thanksgiving was a bust as I ended up having a lot of back pain. It turns out, after 2 visits to the VA, that I've got bone spurs and degenerative disc disease. I'll be getting exercises from the physical therapy department at the VA Hospital to take care of the pain. The pain has alleviated itself with the help of some good drugs.

Thanksgiving was short as a result, and I didn't stay very long. Many thanks to my sister for cooking the two extra kosher turkey breasts I brought up.

The "social event of the season" was held December 6 at the home of the Wegeners, as always. This year, I made dressing to go with the turducken. There was a lot of food, including crockpot meatballs and other yummy stuff. I had a good time.

Hanukkah has been quiet. My sister in California sent me a new menorah with a musical theme, and I've been using it for the actual lighting of candles, while the electric menorah stands on my window sill and gets lit up for a few hours each night. I'll treat myself later this week with one night at a local motel and maybe a new printer (if it's still in stock at Staples).


I got a call Wednesday from my sister, asking if I'd be able to pick up one of my eldest nephew's gaming friends at the train. Turns out he had flown down from Connecticut for the occasion. He's a rather smart fellow, doing his masters in accounting at the College of William and Mary. There was good conversation on the way up to my sister's place, especially about driving from Connecticut to Washington, DC (because he didn't know about the Outerbridge Crossing in Staten Island and would take I-84, etc.).

I had made a potato bread, a "sour milk" bread and a vegetarian dressing for my sister's brother-in-law's daughter who, it turns out, didn't show - she went to her mother instead. The only one who ate either of the breads was me. They were rather good (especially considering this is the first time I'd ever tried either of the recipes). I'll bring the leftover bread to work on Monday, along with a fresh batch of vegetarian dressing. I keep hoping my sister's family out here will try some of the new stuff I keep making, but I guess I have to settle for the fact that they're "meat and potatoes" type of people. *sigh*

In addition, after going to the Decatur Farmers Market, I went by the DeKalb Farmers Market and picked up the sage I needed for the dressing and a lot of basil to try making my own pesto. I'm refrigerating the pesto for the housefilk next weekend. As always, I also went to the Morningside and Peachtree Road Farmers Markets. Peachtree Road will close down on December 17, making Morningside and Decatur the only ones around until the spring. A lot of the vendors I usually buy kale and other stuff from weren't there, so I had to make due with who was there and get my stuff from other vendors.

Vacation - what a concept!

Finally, after 3 years of trying to take Thanksgiving week off, I actually got to take Thanksgiving week off! Two years ago, we got last-minuted on a trial calendar. While I was allowed to take the mornings off and go in to work in the afternoons, that didn't really help much, especially considering that I worked the day after Thanksgiving and then the Sunday after that, and ended up working something like 19 days straight without a day off.

Last year, we were put on 2-hour notice for a trial, so I had to be in the office each and every day, plus the Friday and Sunday after Thanksgiving, and then for the next 12 days without a break.

This year, somehow, I lucked out. So what did I do on the 3 days? Not much. Oh, I went to 2 farmers markets, got the 2 Hanukkah gift boxes to Scotland sent, sent my passport renewal forms in (after getting pictures taken), a lot more rest, searched for a replacement laptop for me (I'm trying to get a kick-butt laptop, but even used they're going for way more than I'm willing to drop for one). Today, I even made vegetarian dressing for Thanksgiving and two different types of bread for the meal at my sister's tomorrow. Granted, they're a "white bread" sort of family (and my sister will make the Pillsbury crescents as she usually does), but I figure I'd try something different, so I made two potato breads and a "sour milk bread" based on an Irish recipe.

I may try making a new type of cornbread from the new cookbook I bought at the Stone Mountain Highland Games (which mixes Irish with southern cuisine), but I can't get any figs, so I'll probably stick to just using fennel. I'll also probably make some tzatziki (now that I have some non-fat Greek yogurt).

Day after turkey

I have to keep remembering that my sister's family likes to sleep a whole lot later than I do on days when they don't have to go to work or school. thatcrazycajun and I arrived at my sister's place for the engorging on a dead bird at 11AM, and found everyone fast asleep in bed, except my youngest nephew, who was fast asleep on couch.

It also turns out that the Private Selection brand of turkey from Kroger has a lot of butter in it, so my sister was able to make a LOT of gravy with it. Next year, a Carolina brand bird. However, when I went to get my kosher turkey breasts (better tasting) at Trader Joe's, they had organic kosher turkeys for $2.00 a pound LESS than what the Empire brand was costing at Kroger. I'm going to go today and see if I can get a not-too-big one and try cooking it in a modicum of time.

I noticed that friends on the dreaded Book of the Face left at unwieldy hours this morning to engage in the overspending of money they don't have at Black Friday sales. ARE THEY NUTS?!?!?!

Even though Hanukkah is NOT about gift-giving (and only became so by the over-commercialization of Christmas), I had my holiday shopping completed the Saturday after Labor Day. I will cheerfully avoid the shopping "mauls" until mid-January except in case of absolute emergency. The only place I'll be going where there'll be holiday shoppers going nuts is Costco, but that's because I go there every 2 weeks or so to get some of my groceries.

By the way, for those who don't know it, the first candle of Hanukkah is lit on the evening of December 1. I wonder how many of the TV stations will report that fact.

What are you thankful for?


Well, the trial that was supposed to start November 15 is now off until February, which means I'll actually be able to take the days before Thanksgiving off and rest!. My bed and I are going to become reacquainted for more than 5 hours at a time.

Gobble Gobble

When I stay here in Atlanta for Thanksgiving, I end up buying the turkey so that my sister doesn't have to. This year, I didn't buy a kosher bird because my brother-in-law is taking diuretics, which means to limit the salt. Since salt is used to kasher the turkey, I ended up buying a Butterball, plus a kosher breast and a kosher split breast for me. That way I'll have leftovers. I also supplied the stuffing mix, the sweet potatoes my sister wanted and the makings for diabetic cole slaw. The salad makings I had purchased went bad. Oh well.

In addition, my nephew who's studying at Le Cordon Bleu in Tucker is making a berry pie, which means I'll have to be very limited in what I can eat, but I will definitely give it a chance.
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I head out Saturday morning for Thanksgiving in Simi at my parents' behest. I'm not sure if I'll be able to post here or even check here (I'm not sure what sort of connection my parents have, but I'm taking my laptop anyway, just in case I can piggyback).

The only activities I'm definitely participating in are the house filk at Chez Creasey on Saturday evening (with the requisite pre-filk dinner at Golden Camel) and spending Sunday at Casa de Caves in Altadena watching an episode of I'm not sure which being shot.

Happy Thanksgiving, one and all.